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Justice & Equality
is Our Main Goal

Regulatory Duty & Activities of our Human Rights Activist, Post Bearers at BLOCK, DISTRICT, STATE & NATIONAL LEVELS

How to Enroll

Known About Joining our Team

  1. To Plan the ways and means to implement various activities to achieve the Aims & Objectives at the national level.
  2. To plan and implement activities (only with prior approval of the National Governing Body of “ADSG FORUM FOR PROTECTING HUMAN RIGHTS“) that are not listed in aims & objects of the organization.
  3. To expand teams on pan India basis by joining active and interested people on voluntarily basis, according to the guidelines and directions laid down by the Organization with due approval of the Governing Body.
  4. To generate funds from various sources, such as:
    • Donations
    • Publications
    • Enrolments
    • Subscriptions
    • Other Sources
  5. The units should send a Quarterly Report to the President, regarding:
    • Various activities undertaken.
    • Funds generated from various sources.
    • Portfolios of the future activities planned.
  6. The unit has to work whole-heartedly to expand the team of the organization in all the regions of the country & organize various activities to achieve its aims & objectives.
  7. The unit shall get the Enrolment form filled by new joiner & send it to the National Governing Body for its approval along with his/her Bio-data, Photographs, ITR Copy & Address Proof.
  8. Enrolment forms are available to download on our official website “”
  9. Unit shall send reports to the National Governing Body about any social & legal problems faced by local citizens.

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Enrolment Details

Total information about Enrolment fees, Designation and Enrolment Cancellation:

Only the National President has the authority to appoint any person on any Designations, Others can only refer or recommend to him and If the Enrolment is not approved by the President of the Organization, the reason for the refusal shall be communicated to the Unit/Person/Applicant concerned.


The admission fee and the subscription for all Units shall be as under unless otherwise revised by the National Governing Body of the Organization.


The person who has joined the Organization will be appointed on the POST according to his qualification and capability to serve the Community. They can get the Post on a Block Level, District Level, State Level, in all over India, as
President / Working President / Vice President / Observer / Secretary / Joint Secretary / Legal Advisor / Activist

It may be decided by the National President Only.

All the Units shall have to report to their Next Senior Authority Available for various activities or any social & legal problems faced by people.


  • People who have enrolled and joined the organization shall not be entitled to claim any refund of the fees or any other amount paid. And the Organization shall not be liable to refund any such amount paid under any circumstances.
  • All newly appointed Activists and The Post Bearers have a responsibility to Enroll Maximum Numbers of people possible and strengthen the teams of the Organization during their appointed tenure.
  • All the Unit Presidents have the Responsibility to Develop, Guide, Support, Expand their Units in Every possible manner under the guidance and in Coordination of the National Governing Body of the Organization.

The National Governing body of the Organization shall have the supreme Power to Expel/Terminate/Dissolve/Transfer the Enrolment of the Organization, on the following grounds.

  • On His / Her Demise
  • On Written Application/Resignation
  • If found to be Involved in any kind of Anti-Social Activities
  • If adjudged by any Court of Law to be a Criminal Offender
  • If Works Against the aims and objects of the Organization
  • If failing to pay the up-to date Enrolment within one month of the due date
  • If Disregards Rules and Regulations or Disobey the Decisions of the National Governing Body of the Organization.

NOTE: The decisions of the National Governing Body regarding the termination from the Enrolment of the Organization shall be communicated to the Units concerned.

NOTE: : The decision of the Founder / National President shall be final and binding.